Life, Liberty and Having Happiness

Copyright 2007 by Peter Blank - Used by permission

Owning your awareness is the first step
towards owning your dreams.


Seeking answers to these questions is a complicated process. Many seekers have spent their entire life seeking. But finding the answers is actually easy to do when you look at where they are. It is only necessary that a person decide to stop pursuing happiness and to have it instead. When a question is brought to its answer, the journey is over. The pursuit of happiness ends when you catch it. While seeking experiences the process, finding experiences the goal. Finding ends seeking. Finding delivers what seeking promised.

Do you agree?

Consider further that the ideas of seeking and finding happiness, or wholeness, or whatever you feel makes you complete, is directly connected to the answers you give to the questions at the beginning of this article. The beliefs you have about those questions have a direct bearing on the life experience you have. It is not possible to experience wholeness around you until you have discovered it in yourself. That is an exploration of the life within.

Exploring the inner feeling requires a new perspective:

Your inner feeling is a cosmic event. As you grow to understand that, many wonders are revealed. Your happiness, your destiny, your soul mate, your power and your wholeness are all waiting for you to understand them. But the beginning must be very simple. It all begins with a good solid foundation.

Therefore, let's briefly consider what actually causes life, and the universe. There are three main systems of belief about the origin of existence. They are:

  1. The everything-comes-from-nothing theory
  2. The everything-comes-from-an-angry-god theory
  3. The everything-comes-from-love theory

Note here the word LOVE. What people call love comes in two flavors. The everything–comes–from–love theory uses flavor number two.

The first, and by far the most common form of love is not really love at all, but only a bargain. This kind of love is very intoxicating. People fall in and out of love with this one. It is a wheel with ideal companionship on the top and hatred on the bottom. It often turns into its opposite because it is based on premises that change. When this kind of love looses its spark, the love turns towards its opposite.

The second kind of love is fairly new in the average human mind, but it has existed since before time. This kind of love is not a bargain at all. It is absolute. As such, it can only accept in peace, and grow.

Absolute love is aware. It grows by sharing. It stands at the wellspring of all there is. Discovering its existence sets you free. It is possible that you have heard this over-burdened platitude before. Just look again with a sharper eye. Freedom means doing what you want in a way that doesn't bite back. In freedom you watch bad go to good and then good go to better. In this case it is you who says so. You know what is bad. You know what is good. You know what is better. People know inside… we each have a personal sense of what is best for us. Freedom lets you explore that. There are no limits on having. There are no limits on growth. There are no limits on time.

Finding absolute love, individuals can share it. People do not create absolute love. Indeed, it is absolute love that creates people. According to the theory of everything–comes–from–love, we are created to share and extend what causes us. Absolute love is seen in the collective feeling of rightness that every person is a part of. Love expands as we share it. No purpose fulfills as much as the sharing of happiness. That is why it feels so right to share good feelings and so wrong to share bad ones.

Absolute love is a frontier. It is much bigger than any human being can imagine. It is more real than anything a human being can imagine. It has all of the power of the universe. Learning what it is and how to live in, and use it, rapidly becomes the adventure of a lifetime.

Bargain-based love, being self-centric by nature, has no alternative but to fail in cycles. Absolute love, being whole, can heal, uplift and restore. Learning how to identify with absolute love has more power than any other empowerment practice because it includes them all.

The everything–comes–from–nothing theory sees human existence as a self-defined reality, which evolves from an indefinable nothing. This group divides again as some members say the nothing has life while others claim that life is a product of the nothing. In either case, these people claim to come from nothing. They feel the need to define who they are to the best of their ability, but since they believe they come from nothing, they must also believe that they ultimately will return to nothing. In this, the only meaning they have is the meaning assigned to them by others and in the meaning they assign to themselves.

There are some odd side effects that come from this system of beliefs. First, there is the question of accountability. If we come from nothing, and we return to nothing, then we are nothing the whole time. If that is true, there is no reason to feel accountable for anything we do. There is no need for ethics. There is no need for love. There is no need to accomplish or grow. There is no need to care or try. This all seems true in light of the apparent fact that the individual has no meaning whatsoever. Every person struggles and dies in a totally meaningless life, in a totally meaningless universe that comes from nothing. Such bleak and hopeless beliefs have caused some people to commit suicide. But there is even a deeper hazard to this system of belief… If a person comes from nothing, and nothing waits to consume them, then they must struggle always to define their being. It is a losing battle that ends in death. This hopeless scenario is finally sealed when the person realizes that spiritual growth can only lead them back to nothing. So death crashes any physical meaning while inner development offers only spiritual suicide as seekers return to the nothing that spawns them… Ouch!

There is only false hope for everyone who pretends they come from nothing. Without a foundation, no creation can stand. This is an issue that lies at the very root of why the belief in nothing prevents happiness, growth and well-being in a permanent way.

The everything–comes–from–nothing model of the universe is by far the most prevalent in world cosmology and metaphysics. It is also the oldest. But it is a path into darkness. For one thing, it answers none of the questions at the beginning of this article. Further, it diminishes the individual and imprisons every hope and dream in a dwindling spiral of decay. Such a bleak assumption leaves its believers without purpose or function in the big picture.

Then there is the everything–comes–from–an–angry–god theory. This is a very powerful belief system, but one that causes great sufferings.

The everything–comes–from–an–angry–god theory is very common among the people. It supports superstition, guilt and fear. It is often an unspoken belief system even among those who openly practice something else. This belief system claims that some individual created everything, including people, and then got mad at it. In this, the universe turned against itself and it is every-being-for-itself, in the face of divine blessing and retribution.

This belief system portrays a creator personality who lifts life up and knocks it down with no sane reasoning and no accountability. People are a victim in this scenario. They lay in apathy at the mercy of it and wait to die, hoping that they are good enough not to burn in hell forever… while their dreams melt away in years of misery.

This belief system says that people are naturally bad. It does not explain wholeness at all; except the angry god owns everything and the pitiful people get whatever crumbs the angry god cares to pass down. Nothing accounts for the balance observed in nature, the intelligence seen in evolution and the beauty of the universe.

There are some unpleasant side effects to this system of belief too. For starters, it is a polar system. The god figure is on one end with all the good things and the inferior people, with all the suffering, are on the other. This divides people into groups by necessity. The ones who are acceptable to the angry god have riches and security. The rejects get baked. But always, people and concepts are divided and seen in smaller and smaller pieces. Also, wholeness is shunned by this system of belief. Any effort towards freedom and equality among people is quashed as quickly as possible. In this perspective, a world of peace becomes impossible and is seen as a fantasy.

People who believe in the angry god cannot love each other freely. They must make their way by watching the guilt and fears that shine in their thoughts. They must hate everything that could damn them. Relationships are guided by strict bargains and forced behavior.

In this bleak view, war is mandatory. Fear, defense and hatred are constant companions. Individuals caught in this system of belief come to think that suffering is good. They also believe that it is impossible to understand the universe.

These errors come from believing in a system of existence that makes no sense. The whole idea that a source of life would extend itself for the purpose of hating itself is ridiculous. Hatred, being a divider, must be fueled. It cannot grow without consuming. No creation could run in those conditions. The universe could never stand long enough to allow life on a planet if it was designed to tear itself apart.

However, this belief system is very common. Even people who claim to embrace other beliefs find themselves dealing with fear, guilt and anger as they live their days. Many people live all of their years without questioning what part of their being hosts fear, and what the truth is behind it.

Belief in an angry god is part of the root of war on this world today. Believers share the anger they think their god has for them. This grotesque dramatization of error consumes the hearts and lives of billions of people each day.

In blaring contrast, the everything-comes-from-love belief system heals and fulfills. Testing and exploration reveal a much simpler and more pleasant way to accommodate self in the infinite.

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There is no doubt that some meditation practices can reveal the blissful-nothingness of universal consciousness. We identify that realm as “Platform One” in our model. It has many other uses besides being a bliss buzz. But there is no need to dedicate a life to striving for it. Any part of the infinite can be owned by any imagination that can embrace it.

Believers of the angry god dare not look upon what causes their life experience. In fear they cower from the very dynamics that would fulfill them. Also, those who believe they come from nothing have a model that obscures the same dynamics, which open the cosmos to one and all.

What dynamics? Indeed. That is the prize question. It is the dynamics of love that must be revealed. Life creates the universe in a very precise cycle as it explores individuality and evolves consciousness in matter. Life is free to do that because its source, absolute love, will only allow and grow. Caused by the love that sustains it, free will is forever free. Our power to choose will exist for as long as we choose it.

Our ability to choose wisely however is another matter. Free will is at its best when it is choosing wisely. As our choices align with the love that causes us, we achieve a reliable happiness, which grows into a feeling of wholeness that words cannot describe.

Individuals who align with absolute love have access to an inner stability that blows the doors off other systems of belief. Individuals, who touch the love that causes us, discover that nothing can change who they are. Our life, our awareness, our individuality and our free will are given completely in our creation. As living aspects of the source of life, a person can never be altered by what they do. Anyone can change their self-definition. That is all choices. But our essence is forever secure in the loving awareness that causes it. Nothing can alter that, but sharing it reveals wholeness and causes life to grow.

Love fills us and makes us feel complete. Love is the final realm to discover, since it was the first one that was forgotten. Everything begins to make sense when love is shared in the making of happiness.

So, are there answers to the questions that begin this article? The fact is you will really have to find out for yourself. If I give answers, and you believe me, you will “know” them. If you experience the answers for yourself, you will “have” them. Having is a lot more substantial than knowing.

You can look for answers in the mysterious nothing, and find chaos. You can look for answers in the angry god and find misery. But you can also look for answers in the loving awareness within you and others, and find the freedom that is openly offered by absolute love. There is no mystery about what we are. We are expressions of love in the source of life. We come from love and we are made of it. That is why it feels better to share kindness than it does to share hatred. Also, there is no mystery about "where we are" in infinity. We are where we have our attention. In a way, that is the catch. What we look for is what we see. If we look for nothing, we can find it. If we look for things to fear and hate, we see them and they come to us. If however, we look for our wholeness… well, that is there too.

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What opens the cosmic realm up to anyone is the fact that we each are created in the eternal Living Moment. We have a purpose in it too. Consider that everything created has meaning to its creator. You are no exception. This knowable truth is not a restriction; it liberates us to own the universe by owning our wholeness in it. Absolute love accepts and grows. Free will is forever free. To acknowledge our source does not diminish our experience, it furnishes it safely and in a way that heals. This route answers many deep fears.

According to the everything–comes–from–love theory, we are created to share love and grow it. Our purpose is to make each other happy. It is no deeper than that, even though this simple protocol delivers the entire universe to each user.

The location of the source is not a mystery either. The source of life extends the Living Moment. The only part of time we share with the source is NOW. However, in the infinite, and in the flow of time, we can see the source reflected in each other and in ourselves, if we choose to look for it. We discover that Love is the fabric of life. It lives in the spaces around all motion. It is aware and can share the things of life. Not only does that reveal wholeness, but it also empowers individuals to fully explore and realize what makes them feel complete. And it delivers the means to have it. To understand how spaces define and also connect events is to understand the spectrum of life presence in the universe.

I believe that love-based empowerment should flow into this world in as high a volume as can be. But it is not possible to do that without addressing the source of it, and understanding how it causes infinity, time and the universe of energy and matter. That is the main focus of the greatest adventure there can be.

Each person extends the source of life. As we share that, we discover and own all the dreams that have escaped us since the beginning of time. Owning it requires an inner decision to experience life in a new way. The shift is a simple change of perspective from self-centricity to love-centricity. That simply means that you learn to let love define who you are instead of pushing your own self-definition on yourself and other people. It is easy to say, but in practice it is more like stopping an asteroid and starting it in the opposite direction. It is an act that requires dedication to achieve. It is a process that can at times be very difficult. However, safe and useful practices are already developed. The adventure has been named Skillcraft. The first step is volume one of the Skillcraft series. It is called "Tuning In"

Turning your asteroid around is difficult at first. Only your determination will allow success. You must do this by your own free will. In that leap, the universe bows to its rightful owner: Love.

Such a bold acknowledgment of love will remain an ideal until it is shared. Then it becomes a reality. Wisdom fosters a strong desire to become acquainted with absolute love. By doing this you become aware of it and experience it directly. Love will guide you if you let it. Unlike hatred, fear or guilt, however, love guides you to what fulfills without taking. In this you discover the power of growth and transformation. When you see it, show others how sharing love can transform and heal a personal world, and the world we all live in together. In this way a new time begins on earth.

Time is an enemy to the entranced. But time is a tool for the aware. The way you use it defines what it brings to you. Time is how you spend your day. It is wise to use time in ways that cause your life to run better. Learning how that works is a very desirable activity. After "Tuning In" Volume two of the Skillcraft series takes you into deeper waters… Volume two is named "SelfCom". SelfCom means Self Command. It is an exploration of life from an energy perspective. It is a very hands-on experience, giving you the opportunity to decide for yourself what works for you.

The entranced never have time. They feel rushed. The aware have all the time they need. They have learned that time is nothing more than a series of choices. People choose their day whether they are aware of it or not. With calm caring, the aware use their time with focus and intent. That is what it takes to discover the new world and to own what it offers you personally.

By discovering the reality of absolute love, and aligning your life with it, you experience a flow of rightness that has more than enough power to put suffering in its place and fix our world. This amazing power of healing and restoration is unleashed as we identify it in ourselves and share it with others. It only takes commitment to the idea, and the reality, that love is the cause of life.